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Scuba Diving Holiday South Africa

Take a scuba diving hoilday South Africa and dive into a world that’s so different from our own, as you sink beneath the waves on your BIGMACK TOURS underwater adventure…

Few holiday activities capture the imagination quite like a scuba diving holiday in South Africa. Whether you’re keen to explore spectacular coral reefs, or desperate to discover hidden cave systems and rock formations, we have a scuba diving tour to fulfil your desires.

Our guests have been known to rub shoulders with sharks, although we assure your safety at all times. With thousands of species of fish to greet across some of the best spots to scuba dive that South Africa – nay, the world – has to offer, we promise you an underwater tour like no other.

Sodwana Bay
Sodwana Bay is situated within South Africa’s first world heritage site at the Greater Lucia Wetland Park, and is known as the country’s most exciting scuba diving holiday spot in South Africa.

An abundance of sea-life and species of coral sprawl along its shores and beyond. Dip your head beneath the water’s surface and you’ll discover a world ablaze with colour and textures, a haven for those keen to embrace wildlife at a different pace.

This gorgeous part of the world is famed for its leatherback and loggerhead turtles, which return to the same beaches each year to lay their eggs. Habits that span 200-million years are hard to break, after all! The treasures inhabiting Sodwana Bay include more than 1,200 species of fish, as well as bottlenose dolphins, sharks and the turtles. Multicoloured coral reefs, complex cave systems and buttresses form the landscape, which you’re invited to navigate as you venture across the bay.

Our diving tours cover an array of reefs and habitats, including drop-offs, mushroom rocks, pinnacles and underwater caves, which host various corals, rock formations and species of seal-life. Come along and discover such sights during the day or night.

The stable sea conditions here make for some truly magical, and memorable night dives and will give you a scuba diving holiday in South Africa that you will not forget.

Protea Banks
Protea Banks, Shelly Beach is on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The area is rated one of the world’s best shark diving sites, and has been earmarked by many serious adventure seekers over the years. With depths ranging between 8m and 40m Protea Banks is not recommended for the fainthearted but experienced divers will embrace the challenge that this magnificent offshore reef has to offer.

Our divers are likely to spy an array of shoals and types of shark, including the Zambezi shark, tiger sharks, ragged tooth and hammerhead sharks, and bronze whalers. You may also be lucky enough to spot white tips, thresher sharks or the occasional great white, which have been known to swoop and soar in the waters around Protea Banks. Allow us to introduce you to a wild, untamed underwater landscape. You can be assured that nobody will quite believe what you’ve seen.

We are happy to advise novice divers wishing to experience Protea Banks, and would always recommend you complete a few deeper dives, and drift dives before tackling the terrain here.

Aliwal Shoal
If you’re searching for adventure, join BIGMACK TOURS for a diving excursion at Aliwal Shoal. Mentioned by Jacques Cousteau as one of the ten best dives sites in the world its reputation is a lot to live up to. We’re happy to report that it manages to do so – and then some.

Ideal for experienced divers Aliwal Shoal comprises a rocky reef, which is the remains of a centuries’ old sand dune. Marine life here is vast and varied, although conditions can be difficult. The Shoal extends from the mouth of the Umkomaas River, and is known for its swells and currents. You can dive with peace of mind, though. Our guides and skippers have been operating in the area for many years, and will always be on hand to see that you have a magical diving trip that’s memorable for the right reasons.

Shark diving in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
We know that you’re searching for unforgettable experiences during your time on your scuba diving holiday South Africa. For this reason, BIGMACK TOURS is proud to be able to offer shark diving with no cages in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Home to whale sharks, bull sharks, spotted ragged tooth sharks, tiger sharks and great white sharks these waters teem with excitement. You’ll not want to miss an opportunity to duck below the waves.

Whether you’re seeking adrenaline, education or relaxation, going on one of our scuba diving holidays South Africa combine the best of all three for beginners and experienced divers alike.