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Fishing Holidays

Bespoke fishing in South Africa

Fulfill your bucket list dreams of deep sea fishing the Indian Ocean with a deep sea fishing holiday in South Africa. Come and catch your Black Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna,Barracuda or Dorado ( Mahi Mahi). Nobody will believe the tales of what you’ve seen…
We are excited to offer an array of tailored fishing tours and holidays. These include an array of options such as deep-sea fishing in Kwazulu-Natal for marlin, in Cape Town the great tuna and gamefish and bottom fishing and winter salmon fishing. For the thrill seekers among you there’s shark fishing, as well as rock and surf fishing along the coastline, and freshwater fishing for carp, catfish, trout and bass further inland. We have the years of experience and an extensive network of connections which will allow us to not only accommodate but exceed your expectations, especially since we’re avid fishers ourselves at BIGMACK TOURS.

Every fishing enthusiast should come to South Africa
South Africa is ranked as one of the world’s top fishing destinations for deep-sea fishing. Many anglers are proud to say that they have caught their personal best along our shores, since our list of species is so vast and varied. Whatever the season our waters teem with fish, including marlin, Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna, the Dorado and the barracuda, as well as salmon, rock cod, slinger and snapper, which are found along the reef and during the evenings. Then there are the sharks, of course… We boast some of the Indian Ocean’s best fishing areas, including Sodwana Bay, Shelly Beach and Durban.

Sodwana Bay
Sodwana Bay is located on the east coast of South Africa in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and Maputaland Marine Reserve. It occupies one of the most unique and unspoiled locations in the world, and every effort is made to protect the environment from degradation. This has helped the fish to thrive.

Cape Town
Cape Town is renowned for its tuna, which are caught between twenty and forty nautical miles out to sea. We launch out of Hout Bay, and potter around the island before heading out into the Atlantic Ocean. Yellowfin Tuna is likely to be the first fish on your mind, and for good reason. This fish is something of a beast, and has made grown men cry with its power and strength. Cape Snoek can also be caught around this area. Its razor-sharp teeth make this one formidable fish, although you’ll long to catch one.

Come and fish in the Indian Ocean, which is warm all year round thanks to the Benguela Current. The sardine run is particularly popular, occurring from May to July. During this time billions of sardines spawn in cooler waters and make their way northwards along our glorious East Coast. The feeding frenzy that this pilgrimage inspires is hard to ignore, and we invite you to experience the sensation from the safety of one of our trawling boats. You might catch your own sardines in time for tea, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on out, the water’s lovely… We’re thrilled to introduce our fishing tours to you, and cannot wait to tailor your perfect getaway.

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