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Golf Holidays

Discover how passionate we are about this incredible game as you experience a golf tour in South Africa.

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Fishing Holidays

Fulfil your bucket list dreams with a fishing holiday in South Africa. Nobody will believe the tales of what you’ve seen

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Diving Holidays

Dive into a world that’s so different from our own, as you sink beneath the waves on your BIGMACK TOURS underwater adventure

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South African Safaris

Come and meet some of South Africa’s most revered, and famous residents, on our BIGMACK TOURS into the country’s intense and incredible wilderness

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Wine Tours

Allow BIGMACK TOURS to whet your palate and introduce a variety of new flavours and textures with our wine farm tours, wine tasting, and wine shows and routes

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Culture and History

BIGMACK TOURS will take you on a voyage of discovery across our country’s vast landscape and rich heritage. Enjoy a cultural, history or sightseeing tour with our knowledgeable team

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The organisers of memorable holidays and purveyors of unforgettable moments in South Africa.

At BIGMACK TOURS we don’t just want you to enjoy your South African holiday, but to fall in love with the landscape, locals and adventures you’re sure to discover – perhaps for the very first time as you enjoy our unique, and breathtaking excursions.

Who are we?

BIGMACK TOURS is a bespoke tour operator that organises bespoke holidays in South Africa. The company’s founder, Russel, is a born South African with a passion for golf, wildlife and its conservation, and all ocean-related sports. Having served as the chairman of several travel agencies, and maintaining links with numerous wildlife, sporting and maritime associations, Russel is confident in his abilities when it comes to arranging luxury, tailored holidays in South Africa.

Bespoke holidays in South Africa

To date, the BIGMACK TOURS team has amassed thirty years’ experience in the sporting, leisure, travel and hospitality industries. We understand that our guests’ needs might be very different, and strive to fashion unforgettable adventures whatever you might be searching for.

Recent reviews

“If you want to have a memorable trip – I’d recommend South Africa safely – you will experience the true meaning of real deep sea fishing, visit the fifth point of the earth, which connects 2 oceans, admire penguins, see the wildlife in the vicinity and play great golf! But most importantly – everything is organized perfectly! Thanks to Evija and Russel for the memorable moments!” All the best to both of you!!! Jolanta & Algirdas”